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Mitsubishi mini truck carburetor adjustment

Automotive Cables. Brake Components. Brake System Repair Kits. Carburetors Assemblies. Carburetor Repair Parts. Clutch Disk Components. Computers: Automotive. Cylinder Head Gaskets. Cylinder Heads. Engine Oil Filters. Engine Gaskets: Other. Engine Components: Honda Acty. Engine Components: Daihatsu: Other. Engine Components: Mitsubishi 3G Engine Components: Mitsubishi 4A Engine Components: Suzuki F6A.

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Engine Components: Suzuki K6A. Engine Components: Subaru. Exhaust Parts: Subaru. Valve Cover Gaskets. Timing Belts. Water Pumps. Fuel Pumps. Spark Plug Wire Sets. JDM Ignition Coils.The Mitsubishi minicab was available in Japan as a right hand drive and manufactured in the USA as a left hand drive. The early models we powered by a 3 cylinder water cooled cc engine, the 3G Most Mitsubishi mini trucks had a Carburetor, the later trucks had fuel injection.

The engine was a mid placement with a transmission and transfer case behind. The front suspension had independent struts and two CV axles with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. The water pump was mounted so that the attached fan blade could cool the radiator.

We recommend that the Timing belt be replaced and the water pump at the same time. These little trucks need clean air and fuel filters, it is a good idea to change the spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor along with the plug wire set. It is not uncommon to see a minicab with a 2" lift kit and ATV wheels with off road tires mounted. The rear drive shaft u joint does not have a grease fitting and wears out in time. We stock a replacement drive shaft Ujoint with a grease fitting so it will last longer.

The front disc brake pads wear out faster than the rear brake shoes. If you need a Part for your Mitsubishi Minicab Mini Truck we are here to help all the Mitsubishi Minicab Parts you may need today and in the near future. Shopping Cart 0 item s - 0. View Cart Checkout. Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Show: 15 25 50 75 Product Compare 0.

Mitsubishi Minicab Spark Plug Wrench. Mitsubishi Minicab Thermo Oil Switch. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Likedin.To help stop the spread of Coronavirus, Covid we have stopped meeting customers at our locations.

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The health and safety of ALL our customers, family, and friends, is our number one priority. Pictures, High Definition Videos, and Full walk-around and test drive videos are available upon request. No Handshakes necessary. All US Mini Trucks imported trucks are at least 25 years old to comply with Federal regulation regarding imports.

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Known as Kei trucks in Japan these workhorses are practical, fuel efficient, functional, and cool. All trucks have heat, vent fan, fold down beds, and manual transmission.

Options include air conditioning, rear differential lock, ultra-low gearing. Everything you need and more in a weatherproof side-by-side. All of our trucks go through a full Maintenance Service including but not limited to. Nationwide Commercial Transport is available for deliveries more than miles. Family owned and operated by Proud Americans. US Mini Trucks. How it Works. Parts and Service. Inbound Vehicles. Click here for our MiniTruck Youtube Channel. Find out more. Sales, Parts, Service.Discussion in ' Mitsubishi Minicab ' started by miniagJan 27, Log in or Sign up.

Japanese Mini Truck Forum.

Japanese Mini Truck Forum

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. I have a 91 u24t that runs bad and fouls plugs. I am on my second carb and it still has problems.

mitsubishi mini truck carburetor adjustment

It has New plugs, wires, cap, rotor and coil as well as new air filter. Acts like the choke. When warm it runs good but cold it is rough and fouls the plugs within a couple of days of use. Any thoughts???

mitsubishi mini truck carburetor adjustment

Pull the air filter and watch the choke operate with a cold start. See what its doing. Might need a mirror. Its been said time and time again I have personally seen it that the lines coming off the top of engine that circulates fluid though carb, get clogged up.

If the line are clogged up the choke wont work well. It may be clogged up in the lines or the fluid channel in carb. I recently rebuilt a Suz. When I unhooked the fluid lines muck came out of them. Inside of carb. After I finished the carb. May not need a rebuild kit just a good cleaning.

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Hello, The Key to the troubleshooting carburetors is to fisrt determine if the vehicle idles properly or not. If the vehicle idles fine and runs poorly "off idle" it will help troublshoot the fuel circuit correctly if fuel related.

Does the vehicle have AC? Does the vehicle have power steering?Log in or Sign up. Japanese Mini Truck Forum. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. These sheets are from a Mitsubishi Minicab Year and model I've forgotten nowbut the carb setups and design are similiar to most Japanese models, although in slightly different positions.

The diaphrams, linkages, and tuning techniques should be pretty close to many, and at least it is a starting point. Like I've said, carbs are the Achilles heel in these vehicles. The sheets will do little for a carb that needs an overhaul, or a complete swap. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 14, Don-in-JapanDec 13, Trey 4x4 likes this. Hi Don, Thanks for the even more detailed carb with translation wording diagrams. The hardest part of doing any of these adjustments are some of the contorted positions required of hands, arms and body!

Front right side engine bay vs. TetsuKumaDec 20, Those pages look really familiar I have the american manual for a slightly different carbureted mitsubishi.

DanDec 20, I appreciate all the thanks I continue to receive for these translations. Don-in-JapanAug 21, Keep up the great work Don Sure glad you are here to help us keep our little monsters alive!

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Has anyone ever had problems with the "variable venturi" system inside the carb? I'd like to figure out a way to test mine. I have had it apart several times and it seems to be dumping to much fuel and won't idle at low RPM'S I don't know much about this style mikuni carb I have worked on a lot of motorcycle carbs but not like this. Does anyone know about working on or know were I can get a nother carb?

Thanks, Steve. Crespo likes this. Thanks for this Don! Now I have another question for you or anyone on this forum; Where are the spark plugs, and what spark plugs do I buy at the store, and do I need a special tool to change them?

How do I check them, how will I know they are in need of changing? Thanks, Candyk. Easily accessible from under the truck. I'm looking forward to getting under my van. Mine is a 3g83, U42V. Does that help you or anyone else to know whether the plugs are easiest reached under the seat or under this van? I couldn't get it started in the end of winter, but changed the air filter and finally got it started with some persistence after that, let it run for a half hour, and haven't started it for about two weeks.

Haven't really needed it, but want to make sure I'm not going to be stranded the next time I take it out. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!Log in or Sign up. Japanese Mini Truck Forum. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. Hello, this is my first post. I received a U15T-3G81 and am trying to get it running. I have no info other than what I have found here.

I removed the carb as the engine fired but was not getting much fuel. Found several passages in the carb clogged. Cleaned the carb and reinstalled. Started on first crank but fuel leaking from vapor seperator section and need gaskets??? Anyone know where I can get them??? Please help.

I'm away from home for the weekend and will follow up monday night to let you know for sure. DanOct 12, Glad you got one, sorry to hear about your carb.

If you can - wait for Dan to get back to you.

mitsubishi mini truck carburetor adjustment

He prob has the gasket kit you need - if not we can find one for you. Dan has a couple of U15T's and is prob the most knowledgeable person in dealing with the 3G81's. If you need some info or page scans let us know. Also is yours a U. I got it figured out and running good! Missing a little O ring. I would love to get a copy of that manual.

mitsubishi mini truck carburetor adjustment

I will probably still get the seals and re-do it right. I made one of the seals from sheet cork. Working well So Far. Considering buying it for parts. Thinking about taking two to make one good one. Looks like very few differences in the years?? Looks like a 3G81 in the 94?? Must be a US thing? I picked up the trailer and he gave me the truck. Changed the oil and ready to start tweaking the body.

I am really glad I found this forum as I will be a while getting mine straight and need allot of parts.

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Here are a couple pictures of mine rough around the edges but not for long. Driver Side Mitsu.Discussion in ' Mitsubishi Minicab ' started by kellmarkOct 23, Log in or Sign up.

Japanese Mini Truck Forum. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Mitsubishi wont start Discussion in ' Mitsubishi Minicab ' started by kellmarkOct 23, Hey Guys I need help! I have a mitsubishi minoi truck and it wont start. It will run if you use starting fluid in the air box but will not run on its fuel?

Fuel pump is pumping fuel. First check the fuel filter,and remove the fuel line at the carb to make sure fuel is being pumped up to it. We've all had that brain fart I'm sure. I know I have could be something in the tank blocking the pick-up tube as well. Remove the carb and drain the float bowl.

Mitsubishi Minicab

The Mitsubishi I am having trouble starting is a Wuling. You can spray starting fluid in the airbox and it runs as long as you keep spraying every few seconds. Flow doesnt seem all that good but this loittle engine might not require much psi to operate injectors. I have tested the injectors and they have power to them.

Is there a fuel cutoff switch or something that I am missing here? Thanks for the help. Mitsubhishi makes Wuling? Also Wuling engine dont know size just bought truck and it would not run. You think the Mits.

Japanese is installing China engines.

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I may be wrong but I dont think so. Well i dont know. Do you have a clue of what I should look for with this engine not starting because I sure don't. I don't know where to begin.